بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This Website was made to benefit the Ummah as much as it can. Alhamdulillah, Here we have transcribed Lectures, Lessons and Small Reminders, in the Arabic and English Language.

As you know, the religion of Islam is a very unique in every way possible, due to this we have Scholars that are qualified in different areas in the religion. On this website, we as Muslims will try to provide as many Lectures, Lessons and Short reminders from different Scholars and Teachers in the various sectors in Islam.

About the Scholars and Teachers

We strive to get as many Scholars and Teachers on this website, at the moment we have:

Shaykh Muhammad Al-Maliki, who has studied under Al-Imam Abdul `Azeez bin Baaz (May Allah have mercy on him). Al-Imam Muhammad ibn Saalih Al `Uthaymeen (May Allah have mercy on him). Ash-Shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Aal-ash-Shaykh, Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Shaykh Saalih ibn Fawzaan Al Fawzaan.

Ustadh Muhammad Huzaifah, who has graduated from the Islamic University of Madinah, The Shuyookh he studied (With deep relations) under were: Abdul-Muhsin Al-Qāsim – also has tazkiyah from the shaykh, Shaykh Haitham Sarhān, Shaykh Muhammad Abdul-Karim Hasan Hawsh, Shaykh Sohaib Al-Hizani.
His General Teachers were: Shaykh Sulayman Ruhayli, Shaykh Abdur-Razzaq Al-Badr, Shaykh Salih Al-‘Usaiymi.

Ustadh Abu Taymiyyah Jeylani, has spent between 2010 – 2014 in Yemen, Dammaj where he memorised the Quran, learnt the Arabic language , Fiqh , memorised over around a half of Bukhari & also a book compilation of Aqeedah consisting of 350 Ahadeeth.

He is currently continuing his studies abroad in madinah university where he has completed in his last 2 years an Arabic Diploma & memorised books such as Buloogh Al Maraam a compilation of Ahadeeth related to Fiqh consisting of over *1400 Ahadeeth* and others as well.

He has studied with the scholars of Yemen and while in Madinah studied/studying with Shaykh Sulayman Ruhayli , Shaykh Saleh As-Sindy , Shaykh Saleh ‘Usaiymi , Shaykh Abdus-Salam Ash-Shuwayir, Shaykh Sa’ad Ash-Shitri, and Shaykh Abdur-Razzaq Al-Badr.

Ustadh Yasin Munye, who is Studying in King AbdulAziz University. He is also a Student of Al-Masjid Al-Haram (Makkah).

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